CONFIRE E-BOARDS are the all-in-one public display solution for your digital signage showcase.


CONFIRE E-BOARDS at a glance

Our digital signage portfolio includes high quality public displays for digital blackboards for schools, high schools, educational institutions, infoboards and in-house TV in companies. These public displays can be optionally equipped with touch or safety glass.

High quality displays

Quality displays ranging from 32" to 80" for displaying useful content such as timetables and substitions. Known as a digital blackboard for schools, universities & educational institutions.

Cost-effective desktop variants

Bigger isn't always better. We also offer smaller complete-solutions for tables and walls from 24" to 27". Ideal for staff-room computers.

Includes all software

All models come with a fully licenced copy of our digital signage software CONFIRE SHOWTIME pre-installed. You can instantly begin creating and publishing impressive content for your displays.

Multi-Touch capable

Nearly all E-Boards are available with touchscreen technology on request. This can for example be used to select a timetable or an overview without requiring a keyboard or mouse.

Safety first

All E-Boards can optionally be equiped with protective glass. For areas with increased fire security requirements, we offer specialized public dislays with an embedded industrial computer in a metal housing.


All E-Boards comprise of a public display together with an industry computer and pre-installed software (Windows 10 IOT as well as our popular digital signage software CONFIRE SHOWTIME). You can start straight away.Ready-to-use

Examples of application

Examples of application as infographic

First-class Hardware

As a partner of NEC we can offer you displays distinguished by high quality and reliability. Most of our public displays can be run 24 hours a day 7 days a week continuously. That also applies to our industry computers which we provide pre-installed with Microsoft Windows and our digital signage software CONFIRE SHOWTIME.

Listing of all models

Display with touch overlay

Professional Software

With CONFIRE SHOWTIME you get digital sigange software at hand with which you can very easily create digital content yourself and then automatically distribute it to all displays over the network. Embedd timetable and substitution plan information directly from DAVINCI or other timetable programs, display the latest news and weather information and much more.


All-in-One solution

Our E-Boards contain everything you need: Depending on your choice, a public display or a desktop display. In addition, a robust industry computer with pre-installed software (Windows 10 IOT as well as our digital signage software CONFIRE SHOWTIME). A lockable wall-bracket is also included. As an additional option we can offer protective glass and touch capabilities.

Components of our all-in-One solution


All prices are in Euros and subject to VAT.


From €1329


  • Public display (inc. wall-bracket)
  • Industry computer with Windows 10 IOT
  • 3 year warranty
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From €979


  • Desktop display
  • Industry computer with Windows 10 IOT
  • 3 year warranty
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